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The unabashed euphoria of Jan Julius’ soaring vocals and the lush yet unexpected instrumental production bear “Cloaca” forth on wings of desire like a dulcet fantasy. So for the video, I wanted to create a place for that fantasy to manifest: a nest for a flock of rarefied Bird Girls going about their esoteric Bird Girl business. It’s a heaven dimension, a refuge displaced from space and time that we get to visit, if only for a moment. In these vintage VHS softcore calendar girl compilations — foraged from a fuzzily digitized archive — I found the key to creating my vision, a lusty daydream-space partially inspired by music videos like “Freedom ‘90” and “When Doves Cry.” On these tapes, I discovered so much poignant strength and so many magical, mysterious undertones to harness and bring the exuberant femme eroticism of “Cloaca” to life.

Music: "Cloaca" by Jan Julius


Noumenal Loom


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