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It had never existed, this world of starry floors and backlit hair and easy, careless kick-turns, and the 1940s audience watching it knew it didn’t. and that was its appeal, not that it reflected ‘sunnier, simpler times,’ but that it was impossible. that it was what they wanted and could never have. - Connie Willis, Remake

HPB's classic works 2008-2013:

Pleasure, Babe (2009)

HPB vs. Everyone

Mermaid Blues (2013)

HPB vs. Esther Williams

vs. John Frusciante, Health,
Prefuse 73, Daft Punk, and

Over the Anvil (2011)

HPB vs. Gene Kelly

vs. Kavinsky

If I Were a Man (2008)

HPB vs. West Side Story

vs. Ratatat vs. E*Vax

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