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Goddex Resistrix: The Boathouse Microcinema, Portland, OR, Echo Park Film Center, Los Angeles, CA

Pink Noise III: The Boathouse, Portland, OR


MAIDENMOTHERCRONE: The Walker Art Center, CAVE Fest, Minneapolis, MN,

Echo Park Film Center, Los Angeles, CA

Contemportentary: The Archive is a Port in the Squall: The Walker Art Center,

Minneapolis, MN

2016-2019 ALTcade

A semi-annual showcase of experimental video games and interactive art


2015-2017 Compliance Division 

An experimental live/work project space located in the historic Everett Station

Lofts in Portland's Old Town Neighborhood

2015 Love Has Been Done to Death: CAVE Fest, Minneapolis, MN

ALL MEN ARE DUST OR WILL BE: Microlights, Milwaukee, WI

Orbital Family Movie Night: Valentine's, Portland, OR


2011-2014 Experimental Film Festival Portland

An annual multi-day festival that screened over 100 works

of film, video, and installation from local, national, and international filmmakers and artists. 


2009-2014 Grand Detour Microcinema

Hosting programs by local media makers and screenings from visiting curators and touring artists.

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