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If we’ve worked together in the past, I would love to hear from you! Please feel free to use this form to reflect on your experience.


“Working with HPB gave me valuable insight into aspects of my self and work! She gave a lot of care, time, and attention to creating a unique offering that was easy for me to understand and work with on my own.”
- Hazel, Portland

“(My) birth chart reading with Hannah was fun and honest. I felt like she really took care of my story by bringing down to earth the stars that map my life.”

- JR, Seattle

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I've had two sessions with Hannah and each left me feeling a little lighter, more optimistic, and imaginative (our first meeting was during my Saturn return 😱) she is an excellent guide, providing a map of the astrological landscape with an expert ability to describe concepts. if you are reading this and wondering whether you should schedule with her--just do it! Hannah is warm, generous and thoughtful. you won't regret booking time with her!

- Katie, Los Angeles


“Hannah brings such a cool, contemporary, unique voice to astrology. She brings pop culture relevance and a deep awareness of social justice to her astrology practice, allowing us to learn about ourselves alongside our place in the modern world at large. I love working with her!”

- Caitlin, Mexico City


“Getting a chart reading from Hannah was such a treat for me. I don’t normally look to astrology for advice or insight, but Hannah won me over with her extensive knowledge of astrology and her sincere interest in my own chart. After just a few words, I knew I was in good hands. She has such a great passion for the world of astrology. Hannah explains it to you in a way that is so incredibly articulate, down-to-earth and funny at times. I highly recommend a reading from her.” - Maura, Portland


"I came to Hannah with a general inquiry regarding my Saturn return and got so much more insight to my natal chart than I could have imagined. She is profoundly knowledgeable and has the ability to relay complex astrological concepts into engaging and easy to understand take-aways. Our session was both illuminating and fun. Thank you!"

- Remy, Portland

“I got my first birth chart read by Hannah. I was really nervous. I had waited to do it because I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to understand, or that it would be a 'judge-y' experience. Hannah immediately made me feel comfortable, easily read my comprehension level, and talked to me about my birth chart in a way that was understandable, humorous, and insightful. The information was also presented in a gentle way. It was fun! It didn’t feel like a weird therapy session where you learn about your deep dark past, but more like little guiding hands saying something like 'here’s a hint.' Also, after her reading, I was able to finally write an artists’ statement, something I’ve been struggling with for the last 10 years.”

- Alexis, Portland


“This astrological reading was a true eye-opener for me. Performed in such a generous and attentive mood, Hannah had me discover whole new and unexpectedly bright dimensions of some of the themes of my life. What looked like a hypercomplex geometry of symbols at first sight, Hannah unfolded into a meaningful and deep reading of questions, opportunities and challenges one often keeps hiding for others, let alone yourself. Regardless if you ‘believe’ in the stars (and a lot was pointing to that), Hannahs powerful reading provides you with a ‘bigger picture,’ new and transforming perspectives, and a wake-up call for the sleeping potentials of your life. My reading took place in the early morning hours after the longest night of Winter Solstice, closing a dark year of pandemic, and I literally awakened to a new dawn – or as Hannah put it: ‘Expect the unexpected!’

- Timo, Stockholm

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