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[record scratch] [freeze frame] Yup, that’s me.
You're probably wondering how I ended up in this situation.

I spent ten years on a nonstop grind as an artist, writer, and curator. Then, over the span of six months, I survived a shooting and my job ceased to exist. A wave of burnout hit me hard, and the struggle to survive and overcome trauma rewrote the trajectory of my life. I found myself adrift, uninspired and at a loss. Suddenly, astrology was one of few things that felt meaningful to pursue, or felt good to learn and practice. So I chased that!  Astrology captured my imagination and ignited my creativity, and it was — and still is — a crucial part of my healing journey. 

Before this, I had dabbled in sun sign astrology, synastry, and lunar magic, and enjoyed using astrology as a lens through which to view and interpret popular culture. But in the wake of all of that upheaval, my study took on a new ardency. With the help of classes, workshops, podcasts, conferences, consultations, and a sh*tload of books, I embarked enthusiastically on the passionate pursuit of an expansive discipline.

Luckily, I quickly discovered that my vast past experience in the arts greatly benefits my ability to learn and apply astrological knowledge. Like art, astrology combines mathematics and aesthetics, history and innovation. Like art, it demands we look within as we do without, balancing subjectivity and interpretation. Like art, making and communicating meaning in astrology is about both resonance and relevance. 

Many years of giving and receiving critiques taught me how to focus on the questions — and answers —  that are most compassionate, empowering, and constructive. Giving an astrology reading is like helping someone in-progress on a piece of artwork, and that work of art is your life. My goal is that you come away inspired by yourself. I can’t wait to work with you. 

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