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And I am an ✌️extramundane anthropologist ✌️of my culture's phenomena, detritus, kitsch, and trauma, working across time-based art, text, curation, & divination.

I am guided by the axioms “as above, so below” and “not either/or, but both and yes.”

My project-based and often site-specific practice is stewed and brewed from runoff of the endless archive, evoking ambivalent embodiment, intimacy with complicity, and the quotidian metaphysical. 


I play fast and loose with the idea of mediums and materials

In 2020-2021, I have released LILIES, a widely-shown and critically-acclaimed collaboration with Joni Renee Whitworth


ALONGING, an experimental short about seeking and being sought by a sublime, divine presence


& a foraged footage music video for CLOACA by Jan Julius, off their new album Meat Shot Idyllic on Noumenal Loom Records.  


Since 2018, I have participated in the group shows "Mass Residue" at Art at the Cave in Vancouver, Washington

“Can Touch This” at PCC's Paragon Arts Center in Portland

& “Hot Rolled” at Outback Arthouse in Los Angeles


as well as a two-person show, “Shattersquelch/The Utmost Natural,” with Ryan Fontaine
at HAIR + NAILS in Minneapolis


& a solo exhibition, “Venus Retrograde,” at the Portland Art Museum (in the APEX series curated by Grace Kook-Anderson).


I was featured in the Northwest Film Center’s “Not Sorry: Feminist Experimental Film from the 1970s to Today” curated by Mia Ferm and Kristin Lené Hole


& the textbook Film Feminisms: A Global Perspective (by Hole and Dijana Jelača).


I curated the experimental film + video programs "MAIDENMOTHERCRONE," which has screened at the Walker Art Center and the Echo Park Film Center


& "Goddex Resistrix," which has screened at the Boathouse Microcinema and the Echo Park Film Center.

My full CV is available upon request...

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