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Astroembroidery 🧵✨🪡

Cosmic craft meets celestial insight: An embroidered birth chart (perfect for wall or shelf display) hand-stitched by artist and designer Jea Alford, accompanied by a custom astrology report written by yours truly! Astro-Embroidery makes a stellar gift for yourself or someone else. 

Each Astro-Embroidery is made to order for $150, which includes U.S. domestic shipping and a $15 contribution to Black/Indigenous led mutual aid efforts.Please allow up to 14 days for us to lovingly hand-craft your chart & reading. Each embroidery is approximately 8 inches in diameter.

“Hannah identified aspects of my chart that (unbeknownst to her and me) correspond with my mom's sign and traits of hers I try so hard to emulate. This was a wonderful present to myself. Thank you, me.” - Caryn, Bay Area

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