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i am an extramundane anthropologist of my culture's phenomena, detritus, kitsch, and trauma, working across time-based art, text, curation, & divination. i am guided by the axioms “as above, so below” and “not either/or, but both and yes.” my project-based multimedia practice evokes ambivalent embodiment, intimacy with complicity and metaphysical mundanity. i play fast and loose with the idea of mediums and materials.


since 2018, i have participated in the group shows "Mass Residue" at Art at the Cave in Vancouver, Washington,

Future Prairie XIII: The Veil, Pink Noise 2-5, “Can Touch This” at PCC's Paragon Arts Center in Portland,

and “Hot Rolled” at Outback Arthouse in Los Angeles, as well as a two-person show, “Shattersquelch/The Utmost Natural,” with Ryan Fontaine at HAIR + NAILS in Minneapolis, and a solo exhibition, “Venus Retrograde,” at the Portland Art Museum (in the APEX series curated by Grace Kook-Anderson). i was featured in the Northwest Film Center’s “Not Sorry: Feminist Experimental Film from the 1970s to Today” curated by Mia Ferm and Kristin Lené Hole and the textbook Film Feminisms: A Global Perspective (by Hole and Dijana Jelača). i exhibited an interactive installation at Onion City Film Festival and curated the experimental film + video program "Goddex Resistrix," which has screened at Boathouse Microcinema and Echo Park Film Center.

yr patience while this website gets a much-needed update to reflect these and other projects is much appreciated (insert prayer hands emoji here)! in the meantime, please check out my recent artist talk at the Portland Art Museum on "black box" (1965) by john mccracken, or some of my recent writing for redefine magazine. a ton of my video work is available on vimeo

hannahpiperburns [at] protonmail [dot] com
cv available upon request

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